Happy Friday

This week was CRAY. An unexpected work emergency meant working frantically almost literally non-stop from Wednesday morning through late last evening, but we got through it and things are (hopefully) smooth-sailing now. Plus on top of that, of course there was the great “BOMB CYCLONE” – which just meant yesterday’s portion of my frantic work marathon was done from my couch (with a Harry Potter marathon playing in the background). I work this weekend, but I’m off today, and I’ll be rewarded with a 4 day weekend next week (which feels like such a treat so early into the new year)! Have a fantastic weekend, STAY WARM, and I’ll talk to you next week!



Happy Friday!

Plus some pics from the past few weeks.

Happy December! I’m kicking the month off with a three-day weekend (starting today), and I’m pumped to start decorating for Christmas. Aside from decorating, I have tentative plans to see Lady Bird with a few of my Lady Friends, and I’m looking forward to starting the yearly Raum tradition of cramming as many cheesy Hallmark holiday movies into the month as humanly possible. Have a holly jolly weekend, and here are a few pics I’ve snapped recently:


Loving these little berry branches combined with a spring or two of eucalyptus


The best old fashioned at one of our new (to us) favorite spots


Thanksgiving tablescape


Kicking turkey day off with a little cheese and boozy punch


Thanksgiving spread (minus mashed potatoes, which were keeping warm in the slow cooker)


Getting festive with some (very) boozy ‘nog


Happy Friday!

What do you have going on this weekend? For us, it’s a rare weekend without any plans at all and not much desperately needing to get done, which feels like such a treat! I’m looking forward to finishing Mindhunter (so good!) and switching out my Halloween decorations for a more general autumn/Thanksgiving feel…speaking of which, I should probably start planning my Thanksgiving menu! Our guest list this year is looking pretty meager – and by meager, I’m talking it might only be me and Jeff. I’m still going to cook enough food for 20 people though, and I’m determined to make the best of what could otherwise be a kind of lonely holiday. Have a fantastic weekend, friends – I’ll probably pop in tomorrow to finish the last day of the photo challenge, but if not I’ll post it on Monday!


Happy Friday!

Happy Friday, friends! Jeff and I have a Halloween bash to attend Saturday evening – we’re going as Bob and Linda Belcher from Bob’s Burgers 🙂 In honor of Halloween quickly approaching (actually, I feel like it should’ve come and gone already…I feel like it’s been “almost Halloween” for about a month now), I thought I’d share a few of my past costumes:

Umm, just a quick disclaimer: I typically fall somewhere between “lazy” and “complete buzzkill” when it comes to Halloween and don’t usually put much, if any, effort into my costume. Okay, moving on…


Wednesday Addams…This one wins the award for “Best costume compiled entirely of clothes that were already in my closet and thrown together in 5 minutes.”

Ah, the chicken suit: one of my all-time favorites. Points off for sweaty face, as well as difficulty breathing, seeing, and eating.


EXTREMELY lazy “cat” – this one wins the award for “WORST costume compiled entirely of clothes that were already in my closet and thrown together in 5 minutes.” To be fair, I believe this happened when I was already at a friend’s house and they sprung a Halloween bar crawl on me last second…the cat ears happened to be in my car, so  I went with it.


Oof. This was the year Jeff & I went as “sexy Harry Potter and Hermione.” This was the one and only time I’ve ever worn a pre-fab “sexy” costume from a Halloween store…it was pretty bad, and makes me feel shame.


Another extremely lazy offering, “Cool Cat.” This one gets a pass for youth – I think I basically just wanted to be cute at the bar. Missing here is Jeff’s TERRIBLE costume from that year (which I believe was our first Halloween together), “Rapping Paper” – clever in theory, horrifying in execution (he looked like a nightmare version of Data from Star Trek). Also absent: “Birthday Cat” – this was a last second costume I came up with upon learning we had to wear costumes to work at the restaurant I had just been hired at, so I recycled the damn cat ears and threw on a party hat to go as a “party animal.” One of my tables asked me if I was a “birthday cat” and our chef, Eric, thought it was the funniest thing he had ever heard…that nickname has stuck around to this very day (and I haven’t even worked at that restaurant in 4 years!)

Anyone else doing anything festive over the weekend? Have a great one, and don’t get too spooked!

My Weekend in Pictures

This past weekend felt like THAT weekend…that one perfect fall weekend when the air is crisp, the sun is shining, and the leaves are the most beautiful bright shade of red. We managed to pack a lot of fun into the three-day weekend: a night out on the town seeing some live music with friends Thursday evening, a haircut and trip to Wegman’s for me on Friday afternoon, a visit to Bates Motel on Saturday night, and a relaxing, slow Sunday.


Clockwise, from top left:

1. Fun with friends at the Queen.

2. Wegman’s haul!

3. Maple sugar cookies with some festive sprinkle action.

4. Sunday soup: roasted butternut squash with apple.

5. I went a little crazy in the bulk candy section…

6. Best place on Earth.

7. Waiting room with a view.


Happy Friday!

22491565_1790119311025300_4416195702525801088_nSince I worked last weekend, I have a three day weekend this week, starting with today – hooray!! I’m off to get my hair done (darkening the color up…I’ve been digging the cinnamon/tiger eye balayage trend, and I think I might get bangs even though I know I’ll immediately regret it), and then I have some errands to run followed by our usual pizza night. We don’t have any concrete plans for the weekend, but I think we might do something spooky (Bates Motel/haunted hayride?) and I’d like to bake something fun – I’ll report back on Monday! Have a fantastic weekend!!

My Week in Pictures

This week flew by, probably because I was off on Tuesday and had a lot of stuff going on at work to break up my days. This weekend is supposed to be stormy and brisk, so I plan on holing up with lots of coffee and maybe some hot cider cocktails. Have a lovely weekend, and stay safe if you’re in Hurricane Joaquin’s path.IMG_4551Enjoying a drizzly National Coffee Day from the comfort of my couch.


Autumn cocktail and Anthro catalog.IMG_4560The product of a flower arranging networking session at work.

IMG_4566Apple cider carrot loaf with cream cheese frosting.