Instant Happiness

I swore that this week, I was going to start waking up early and hitting the gym before work. To the surprise of exactly no one, I haven’t succeeded in dragging myself out of bed in time to work out yet, but I did pull it together enough to suck it up and run to the gym for a quick workout during lunch today. And, you guys…it was like magic. Prior to leaving, I had been struggling to keep my eyes open and even felt like I had a cold coming on, but once I got moving, I felt like a totally new person. I’m still a tad bit sniffly (these things┬ámiraculously cleared up a cold in literally ONE DAY last week, so I’m going to whip them out when I get home), but I’m wide awake and in a fantastic mood now. I always forget how much simply moving my body can affect my mood and physical well-being until I do it, and after I’m always like, “duh!!”

A couple other things that can snap me out of a “blah” mood almost instantly:

– Listening to music

– Drinking a nice cup of hot tea or coffee

– Watching one of my “happy” shows (Sex and the City and The Kitchen are frequent go-tos, but I have a long list)

– A hug from Jeffrey

– Chatting on the phone with my mom

– Taking a long, hot shower and then wrapping up in my comfiest jammies

Pretty standard stuff, but exercise is generally the most effective – the hardest part is just getting myself to get up and get moving (that whole “objects at rest wish to stay at rest” deal is legit). Here’s to hoping I can keep it up throughout the winter to ward off the seasonal slump…




Happy Friday!

And a great one it is! Today is my last day of work until next Friday, and I’m pumped to kick off the holiday season. This weekend will be spent mostly preparing for the holiday rush – deep cleaning and shopping and such – and I also hope to enjoy bit of relaxation before the craziness sets in.


A couple friends & I went to Joe Biden’s book tour in Philly this week, and celebrated with cereal-flavored ice cream and cocktails.

I’ve also decided that instead of ditching the gym from Thanksgiving until Christmas like I usually do (which would be impossible, since I haven’t gone to the gym in months…oops), I’m going to make an attempt to head off the 15 pounds of cookies (and eggnog, and wine…) I’ll consume over the next 2 months by hitting the gym THROUGHOUT the holiday season. Maybe I’ll also try to get a few hikes/outdoor runs in before it gets too frigid. I figure this might set me up for success throughout the rest of the year, and maybe chase the seasonal depression monster away. Wish me luck (I’ll need it)!

Working on my fitness

I have a confession to make: I recently joined a weight-loss competition (cue monkey-hiding-face emoji). This isn’t something I’d normally do AT ALL, but I’ve really let myself go since the wedding – I’ve been lazy and sluggish and way too indulgent with my diet. While I’ve been pretty good about going to the gym, I’m also way too likely to make an excuse NOT to go. So when this networking group I’m part of came up with this challenge, I figured it would be the perfect opportunity to get my butt back into gear.


Here are some steps I’m taking to make sure I stay on track (besides just “eating healthier”):

*I’m committing myself to wake up a bit early and do some light stretching, core exercises, and weight lifting before work.

*I’m also committing myself to do 50 squats before bed each night.

*I’m committing myself to go to the gym at least 3 days during the week, in addition to at least one day during the weekend (preferably both).

*I’m going to get back to weighing myself weekly on a consistent schedule – in this case, Friday mornings. Although I know the number on the scale doesn’t mean a whole lot, this at least keeps me accountable and prevents me from slowly slipping back into bad habits.

*No more drinking on weeknights – it’s too easy for one glass of wine to turn into half a bottle. I’ll make exceptions if there’s a social event happening, but at home, weeknights will be dry.

*I’m going to start taking advantage of the many classes included with my Y membership – my main issue with the gym is that I get bored SUPER easily. Classes will be a good way to shake things up…in the past I’ve been too intimidated to try something new, but I’m going to just break the seal and do it.

*I’m going to stay hydrated – I’m really bad about remembering to drink enough water, but I’m going to make sure to drink at least three 24oz bottles of water during the day.

*I’m going to start taking the stairs, instead of the elevator – in my old office building, my desk was located on the 12th floor, which made taking the stairs on any sort of regular basis a bit much. In our new building, though, my desk is on the 4th floor (which is actually the 6th floor, since my building has lobby and mezzanine levels). Since I go downstairs multiple times every day to grab breakfast, lunch, and sometimes coffee, this is a good opportunity to get in some extra steps. This also applies to the parking garage, where I typically park on the 5th level.

Welp, here’s to fresh starts…wish me luck!