Gyro Bowls

In my attempt for us to eat healthier, I decided to whip up a spin on one of my favorite foods – the gyro. But instead of pita filled with (delicious) greasy lamb, I decided to go the bowl route, and sub out the lamb for turkey meatballs (I have a bit of a love affair with turkey meatballs).


If I do say so myself, it turned out pretty darn tasty…I almost actually prefer the meatballs to lamb, and I barely missed the bread at all! And you guys – I LOVE me some bread, especially pita or naan! I riffed off of¬†this¬†recipe, with the following tweaks:

-Instead of beef, I used turkey (duh)…I also cranked up the broiler for the last couple minutes in the oven to add some color

-Instead of couscous, I used red quinoa…after the quinoa was cooked, I stirred in the juice of one lemon, a drizzle of olive oil, a handful of sliced kalamata olives, and plenty of salt and black pepper.

-I swapped out the parsley in the tomato cucumber relish for cilantro. Not quite as authentic perhaps (let’s be real, any “authenticity” in this dish is pretty much out the window), but I’m a cilantro freak. I also added a bit of lemon juice.

That’s about it! Super easy, healthy and yummy…I can’t wait to polish the leftovers off for lunch! I’m going to try to post more recipes here…mostly because I always forget which recipes we really enjoy, so I’ll be able to use this as somewhat of a reference. Stay tuned!


Working on my fitness

I have a confession to make: I recently joined a weight-loss competition (cue monkey-hiding-face emoji). This isn’t something I’d normally do AT ALL, but I’ve really let myself go since the wedding – I’ve been lazy and sluggish and way too indulgent with my diet. While I’ve been pretty good about going to the gym, I’m also way too likely to make an excuse NOT to go. So when this networking group I’m part of came up with this challenge, I figured it would be the perfect opportunity to get my butt back into gear.


Here are some steps I’m taking to make sure I stay on track (besides just “eating healthier”):

*I’m committing myself to wake up a bit early and do some light stretching, core exercises, and weight lifting before work.

*I’m also committing myself to do 50 squats before bed each night.

*I’m committing myself to go to the gym at least 3 days during the week, in addition to at least one day during the weekend (preferably both).

*I’m going to get back to weighing myself weekly on a consistent schedule – in this case, Friday mornings. Although I know the number on the scale doesn’t mean a whole lot, this at least keeps me accountable and prevents me from slowly slipping back into bad habits.

*No more drinking on weeknights – it’s too easy for one glass of wine to turn into half a bottle. I’ll make exceptions if there’s a social event happening, but at home, weeknights will be dry.

*I’m going to start taking advantage of the many classes included with my Y membership – my main issue with the gym is that I get bored SUPER easily. Classes will be a good way to shake things up…in the past I’ve been too intimidated to try something new, but I’m going to just break the seal and do it.

*I’m going to stay hydrated – I’m really bad about remembering to drink enough water, but I’m going to make sure to drink at least three 24oz bottles of water during the day.

*I’m going to start taking the stairs, instead of the elevator – in my old office building, my desk was located on the 12th floor, which made taking the stairs on any sort of regular basis a bit much. In our new building, though, my desk is on the 4th floor (which is actually the 6th floor, since my building has lobby and mezzanine levels). Since I go downstairs multiple times every day to grab breakfast, lunch, and sometimes coffee, this is a good opportunity to get in some extra steps. This also applies to the parking garage, where I typically park on the 5th level.

Welp, here’s to fresh starts…wish me luck!