Start a Holiday Savings Account.

YOU GUYS. This is my weekly “I work for a bank” lecture (just kidding, it’s the first and hopefully last). OPEN A DANG SAVINGS ACCOUNT FOR HOLIDAY GIFTS (and other assorted gifts throughout the year).


All this crap was purchased worry-free.

Look. I know not everyone has a ton (or any) extra money to save. I GET IT! I do. But hear me out: if you’re going to buy holiday gifts anyway, that money’s coming from somewhere. Right? Right. So why suffer during the most joyful time of the year when you could have some cash money stocked away with which to purchase all of your tidings? Even if it’s just $5 a month…okay, that’s only $60, but it’s a start! In all seriousness, cut out one coffee each week and you’ve practically quadrupled that monthly $5 right there.

Here’s my own personal example: up until…I don’t know 4? years ago, I didn’t really plan for the holidays, and I’d typically just charge Christmas gifts and spend the first half of the year paying off credit cards. It sucked. It was stressful, and every time I’d purchase a gift it hurt a little…and that blew, because I FREAKING LOVE GIVING GIFTS! I decided enough was enough, and I started saving $100/month towards Christmas gifts. Listen, I know $100/month may seem excessive….that comes out to 1200 whopping dollars come December (or it may seem underwhelming…I don’t know, I don’t have kids yet). And it may BE excessive for you, depending on how many people you buy for and what types of gifts you exchange (and probably is for me, considering I buy for a total of like 5 people). BUT! I also allocate some of these funds to buy holiday related decor, sometimes to supplement my insane yearly cookie baking, and for gifts throughout the year (ahem, baby showers? Wedding gifts? 1 year old birthday parties?!!!) It usually ends up working out just about perfectly for me, and if I have any left over I can just roll it over into my general savings (or save up for a KICK ASS gift for someone the next year). And now come Christmas each year, I’m legitimately STRESS-FREE (well…monetarily, anyway). It’s wonderful. I can enjoy all the eggnog and wassail and merriment and what have you til the cows come home. OH, AND I DO.

So…that’s it. Open a holiday savings account. Do it. DO IT NOW. Actually, you know what? I’m going to plug Capital One’s 360 Savings, because this is my blog and I can (this isn’t sponsored or anything, I just honestly think it’s a great account.) No fees, no minimums, decent interest (it’s at .75% APY at the moment)…click here and get some cash to start you off. Go. Do it (even if you open an account elsewhere – I won’t be mad). Jessi out.

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