Pumpkin Spice: Some Thoughts

I’ve spoken a lot about fall, and the phenomenon of the “basic bitch,” and the uprising of the autumn season and the love of everything pumpkin and spiced. But today, I’d like to specifically discuss my own personal feelings about pumpkin spice as a flavor.


Okay, so like, I like pumpkin just fine. I like pumpkin pie. I like it a lot if it’s good pumpkin pie, and if it’s buried under a pile of whipped cream. I’ll even take Cool Whip, and I think Cool Whip is gross. I like pumpkin baked goods. They’re tasty. And pumpkin is healthy. So that’s good.

But, ya know…pumpkin spice isn’t my favorite flavor. Of anything, really. I’d say it falls solidly in the mid-range of things that I enjoy. Pumpkin spice to me is more about the feeling of pumpkin spice. It really emulates that warm, cozy, homey fall feeling. But the flavor, for me? Honestly, I find most pumpkin-spiced flavored things to be “meh.” I honestly really like Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte. I think it’s very tasty. But most other places pumpkin-flavored coffee type beverages are way too syrupy and sometimes too aggressively spiced, and I think they’re kind of gross. I’m pretty sensitive to sugar overload as it is, and with pumpkin spice, sugar overload tends to be quite prevalent. And honestly, I just tried a Toasted Graham Latte from Starbucks, and I have to say, I found it to be even tastier than the elusive PSL.

So, anyway…why do I feel compelled to try every single pumpkin spice flavored thing? I can’t stop! I just bought pumpkin spice flavored fudge stripe cookies. They’re okay. I don’t know why I needed to buy them, though. I’d never normally buy novelty cookies. Why the pumpkin spice ones? I was just thinking about my next Naturebox order, and you better believe I put the limited edition pumpkin spice Nom Noms in my pantry…but when I think about them, I bet they’re not going to be very good. That’s not stopping me, though. I always buy all the pumpkin spice flavored candy (like M&Ms and Hershey Kisses and stuff), and they’re always VILE. But every time something new comes out, I NEED to try it.

Do you guys actually like pumpkin spice? Or are you like me, and just get caught up in all the hype?

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